Make Your New Year Sing!

Happy New Year 2012, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy New Moon…!

Every New Moon represents a new beginning; an opportunity to start a fresh in a new area of life and setting intentions for the year.. last night’s new moon was especially potent for setting intentions or refining our new year resolutions.

After an amazing trip to India, I am now back in Australia and looking forward to making the most of the beautiful Sydney outdoor lifestyle, teaching more yoga, working in the industry with my massage & Ayurvedic skills and enjoying my naturopathy studies.

With all these ‘new’ events, it’s made me really think about how I can make really instil the benefits of the amazing adventures I experienced, challenges I faced and learnings I received from travelling, often alone, in amazing India. I want to bring the pure joy, freedom and intense happiness I felt there to my everyday life, now I am back to reality and work.

So, I told myself I am going to laugh more, take myself less seriously, volunteer more, dance more, dive in the ocean whenever I can, learn to play the guitar and sing my heart out….!!

What are your intentions for the year? Kelly Surtees has some great tips on new moon wishing

I also came across 3 great goals from Joe Pane to help make our life sing this year:

1.       Have the courage to be loyal to ourselves

This means you being ‘all of you’ – having the courage to say what needs to be said; finding time for you; stop being so hard on ourselves and putting ourselves first and being true to ourself! Pampering ourselves!

2.       Complete incomplete relationships

Create inner peace and live a regret-free life. Forgiving ourselves and making peace with ourselves and others to reduce any stress, regret, anger, bitterness held in the body.

3.       Get over yourself

There’s too much seriousness in the world. Let’s be more playful; bring more fun and lightness into our lives. Enjoy the moment. Love more and stop taking ourselves so seriously!

In Jivamukti yoga the other morning we were doing shoulderstand to the chant about singing out loud and giving it our all.. Love it! Let’s make our lives sing out loud!

And, following up on my intention to be less hard on myself, have more confidence and teach more yoga, I have already taught 2 amazing yoga sessions this week. Getting up before sunrise I taught in Rushcutters Bay Park, thanks to the lovely Libby Babet from Bottoms Up Fitness and at beautiful Bondi Beach! What a start to the day!

Happy 2012!! It’s going to be a good one 🙂

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