A spiritual, emotional, mental and physical transformation!

I’ve been working on and participating in a 40 Day Revolution of Yoga, meditation and diet with the beautiful, leafy boutique yoga studio Yogatime.

The structure is based on the great Baron Baptiste Yoga and, only 3 weeks in, it’s already been an incredible journey of transformation on all levels, peeling the layers as we all delve into daily meditation, yoga and looking at our thoughts, reactions and our eating habits. 😳

Baron Baptiste’s Law 8 – Remove the Rocks

Transformation means removing the rocks from our garden, the boulders that block our naturalness. Unlearn your pride, anger, fear, conditioning and your resistance and come to your natural way of being. Peeling away the toxic layers, emotional debris, self destructive patterns and beliefs. Connect back to your centre. Heal the deeper source of pain in your hearts leading you to bad habits. Soften your hearts and give up some of your old ways of being.

I wanted to share some tips I had for nutrition during the first 3 weeks of the challenge.

Week 1 – Awakening/ Presence

Being connected to your body is so important to listen to the signals your body is giving to you at every moment. With yoga and meditation you can start to be more present to how your body reacts to different foods, events and people.

Start to get curious about how food affects your body and whether you feel more energised after eating cleansing, cooling foods or whether your body feels better after building, heating foods. This can also change according to how you are feeling, the seasons or time of day.

Week 2 – Vitality

Food is so important for our mind, body and soul. However, too often these days, food is packaged, processed and filled with sugar and additives to make it more palatable to our sugar addicted taste buds.

Get back in touch with vital, energising, organic, fresh food and connect to its essence making yummy salads and vegetable soups, stews and curries. Connect to the life in the food as you chop and prepare the food with love. You will feel lighter and less toxic with more energy and clarity.

Tips to start a complete mind, body & soul detox:

1) Clean out your kitchen
Get rid of processed, packaged and convenience foods that have no vitality and are full of additives, preservatives and depleted of nutrients. Also white grains, breads, and cane sugar.

2) Restock your kitchen
Visit a farmers market where you can get in touch of where the fresh food comes from and have gratitude for the people involved in growing this alive food.

Stock up with fresh vegetables (ideally non sprayed), salad leaves, fresh fruit, fermented foods, healthy oils, sustainable/free of hormones fish and meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, nut milks, herbs & spices. Coconut flour, almond meal and grains that don’t tend to feed intestinal overgrowth i.e. quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat.

3) Reduce sugar
Sugar is immune suppressing and reduces white blood cells in infections.

Parasites, Candida, bacteria all thrive on sugar so you aggravate any bacterial overgrowth when eating sugar in excess.

Sugar can also damages organs as sugar is stored as fat around our organs, decreasing their function and causing disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and heart issues. It is also addictive and can make us feel groggy, tired, grumpy.

4) Reduce gluten
Even if not coeliac/ gluten intolerant, as part of a detox to feel more vital and increase energy, give your body a rest from gluten.

Gluten can be irritating and potentially damaging to the gut wall, leading to leaky gut, irritable bowel, inflammation (joint pain, brain fog, depression) and lack of digestive enzymes to break down food.

It can also lead to food allergies, eczema, fungal infections, skin issues, immune issues, and digestive issues.

5) Reduce caffeine
Caffeine is an immune suppressor and can deplete vitality as it’s acidic and a diuretic, depleting essential minerals and nutrients.

6) Reduce chemicals in your household It’s good to reduce chemicals in our laundry detergents, cosmetics and cleaning products. Try environment friendly and chemical free or apple cider vinegar and bicarb of soda and some eucalyptus.

7) Detox rituals
Dry skin brushing, tongue scraping, coconut pulling to draw toxins, and neti pot are all further techniques to help detox the body of excess toxins. See my blog post here for more tips.

Week 3 – Equanimity

How to stick at the detox? Be kind and patient!

You will get cravings, headaches and feel frustrated and might fail at times! That’s ok and is all part of the process!

Meditation will be really helpful during this time to find a sense of calm during an internal storm! Know you need to experience fear, anger, frustration and blame to experience happiness and praise and joy. You have to pass through what is messy to get to the bliss on the other side.

Happy Autumn Equinox and cleansing mind, body and soul! 😀🙏🥒🍏🥕


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