Autumn cleansing

I have talked a bit recently about Autumn and riding the change in seasons. It’s important to keep our bodies healthy during these transitions to prevent congestion in our lungs and large intestines and therefore some type of cleanse could be great to keep the body clean of toxins.

It was perfect timing therefore working with the lovely Yogatime helping with the nutrition on the 40 day revolution.

Week 4 is Restoration and all about doing a 3 day cleanse to restore your body back to balance and cleanse it of toxins before going into the darker, colder months where we’ll need heavier, more nourishing foods.

I have to admit to struggling with the concept of a full green juice only cleanse and I often add in a smoothie or soup to feel more grounded. Maybe with good reason being a flighty, slight, dry, light headed Vata anyway (dominant Ayurveda dosha with qualities of fast, cold, light, dry, rough, thin, brittle,) but I felt really determined and ready this time to give it a go and break through any old habits, beliefs and resistance!

Please do consult a practitioner first before doing one since it’s not for everyone especially if you have any underlying issues.

A pure green juice cleanse really gives your body a complete rest from having to direct energy to digest all the food we eat and instead send it to heal and detox the body, mind and spirit.

Freshly made juices are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids (building blocks for protein), enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants that enliven you, and your cells, and give you an instant shot of nourishing energy.

Luckily the sun was also going to shine and the temperatures increase enough to melt my coconut oil a little so I was very happy! ☀😀🙏🙏

However cleansing doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Slow down and simply noticing the taste of food in itself can help as taste stimulates digestion.

You can simply increase alkaline foods and reduce acidic gluten, dairy,  sugar, alcohol and dairy for your cleanse. Or have soups and broths (no fibre) or kitcharee in Ayurveda (soaked and cooked lentils and rice with warming digestive herbs).

Any fasting needs to be complemented with liver and kidney support since these organs will help with the elimination of toxins (as well as the skin, lungs).

Preparation is vital and I recommended the 40 day Yoga Revolutionaries at Yogatime to start to eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol and additives a good week or so prior. You can read more on that here.

I wasn’t feeling great, a little rundown so I decided it would be a good time to rest my body’s digestive system by eating less to allow more energy to heal. I did a day of vegetables only (roast, steamed and raw) before I started.

For more on my own personal green juice cleanse experience, go to my post here.

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