My personal green juicing experience

Day 1

Excited and with willpower that just came from nowhere, I set out to do the full green juice only cleanse with liver detoxing tea and lemon water. 😳 I sometimes add a soup or smoothie but Reetta from Pure Cooking explained so well about how much more healing the body can do without any fibre to digest.

I felt so empowered buying a beautiful bunch of vital greens ready to juice. I used fennel, celery, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli and rocket and ginger. 🥒🥗

I’d recommend a cold pressed juicer as it doesn’t use heat which can destroy some of the natural enzymes in vegetables and it gets more nutrients from the vegetables. I didn’t have one so did a mix of my own fresh from the juicer and some bought cold pressed.

I slowed down and didn’t go to bootcamp as knew I’d need to save energy. I taught yoga then I did loads of work at home and laid really low. I caught up with some beautiful friends for a nourishing night of herbal tea, water and vegetable broth (no fibre just nutrients from the vegetables). I was a little tired but felt great and wasn’t even that hungry.

Day 2

The start of the second day was pretty intense… I woke up at 5am to griping, nausea, holding my belly not knowing if I was going to vomit. So dizzy and light headed I could barely get out of bed.. My heart rate was up as was my metabolism.

I was a little worried but the lovely raw juicing expert Reeta from Pure Cooking told me I’ve gone straight into a deep cleanse – she said “a sign you are relatively healthy and that you are likely cleansing old accumulated stuff from long time ago (more difficult to come out) which is causing the nausea and griping.” 😳wow the power of fasting hey!

I felt some old beliefs come up like a darkness coming through me.. “you’re not good enough”, “I’m left out again”, loneliness, unworthiness, old anger 😳.. luckily I had some awareness of what was happening to see it, watch it and let it disperse, but I didn’t manage to catch it on a few occasions.. 😞

I finally dragged myself up to get some lemon water with a dash of honey and a licorice, ginger and dandelion tea. Yum… the sweetness just washed over me and I instantly felt more grounded and my belly less griping. The green juice instantly energised me and I felt great!

I enjoyed some beach time, more green juice and detox tea and felt more energy. I even hung out with friends who were eating and didn’t feel too hungry or tempted to cheat. 😂

I then slept for 9 hours! 😀😴 A little more broken than usual but so much better than the first night.

Day 3

I felt rested but definitely noticed my blood sugars were really low in the mornings. Bit of a struggle to get going and a little dizzy first thing but once I had my Herbal tea, lemon water and a juice I felt better and more grounded.

The sun was shining this morning and I felt great after a good sleep.

I went to walk to Coogee to teach but luckily I listened to my body and got the bus.

Teaching I felt a little dizzy but barely demonstrated and felt quite grounded and clear at times. My body struggled a little but I definitely noticed a mental clarity.

The green juice pre teaching definitely helped!

I then had a beautiful swim and some downtime with beautiful Kat from London and The Health Emporium made me fresh green juice made with love!

I then went even further with the detox and treated myself to a massage and then a sauna at the lovely Nimbus & Co.💞😀🙏

In a yin yoga class later that day, I noticed lots of saliva in my mouth. Probably from all the enzyme rich raw vegetables and not using up all my digestive juices having to digest heavy foods.

I was also thirsty from the body working hard to detox while it doesn’t have to digest, helped by the sauna and massage. So I made sure I drank lots of water with a tiny bit of Himalayan salt.

I slept well and body tired though I did definitely notice more mental clarity and energy so almost a little wired. 😳 But definitely less mental fog and no procrastination or doubts about snoozing and not getting up. I almost bounced out of bed.

Day 4

I bounced out of bed. Despite not eating still and having to teach, I felt lighter and my mind was quiet. Sometimes I’ll wake and my mind will say ah I wish I could sleep in, it’s so dark, wish I could lie in… but today silence! Felt amazing! So light and I just got to Icebergs without any fuss.

I did feel weak teaching so enjoyed my first fibre rich smoothie at The Health Emporium before my 8 hour shift.

I tried not to get too excited for my first non juice in 3 days, so I left out the harder to digest foods like coconut oil, avocado and nuts and I added lots of greens, blueberries, a combo of water/coconut water and coconut milk, chia seeds, slippery elm to soothe my belly and ginger as it was a little cooler. Yum!

It was a tough day on my feet all day. I had veggies for lunch and then a smoothie and soup for dinner.

Again I felt a little wired so ended up working late then couldn’t sleep. Definitely felt a shift in my energy levels and times they peaked!  My skin was also unusually itchy so that also kept me up til 1230/1😳

Day 5

However, again I woke up at 515 with a spring in my step – no grogginess or mind saying shall I sleep in..

I bounced to my first more yang yoga class and I felt so focused and light. Was great! My body also synced up with the New moon and my moon cycle came early due to the detox. It came as a surprised as I’d had no PMS, due to my clean eating.

I didn’t feel that hungry so my stomach had definitely shrunk. I couldn’t get through my smoothie which usually down before work and saved half.  And I was tempted to grab a macadamia which I love but resisted as knew it was just a bad habit I’d gotten into.

I did however notice I was a little more reactive than usual and a little snappier at times.. 😳 Maybe the liver being cleansed of old anger…

I made a yummy soup for dinner! Delish!

At night I noticed itchy, dry skin – I wondered if maybe a sign of excess Vata and a sign that I needed more oily,  nourishing foods so I upped the sweet, salty and sour foods with lots of roast veg, coconut oil and olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon and salt. And made a nourishing soup! Yum!

I definitely noticed my tastebuds had changed and didn’t crave sugar and munched on roasted cabbage like it was a sweet! 😀

An amazing experience! Mentally, emotionally and physically!

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