Full Super Blue Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo!!

Happy Full Super Blue Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Leo!! Yikes!!

This triple lunar combo and has not happened for 152 years. You will never be able to see it again in your lifetime. The moon will actually turn blood red for around 40 minutes just after midnight.

It denotes a culmination of anything you’ve been working on since the Leo Solar Eclipse last August 21st 2017!

For me, the big shift is sex and money being in my Capricorn eighth house of intimacy and eroticism. Ooh er.. no wonder I have been out on more dates than normal!! 🙂

For other signs, this is where it will affect your life…

Aries  – re romance, creativity and kids

Taurus – at home

Gemini – in the way you communicate

Cancer – financially

Leo – your whole life!

Virgo – spiritually

Libra – with your friends

Scorpio – at work

Sagittarius – re study, teaching and travel

Capricorn – re sex and money

Aquarius – in love

Pisces – in your daily life

<Moonology & Astrotwins>

The below rings soooo true for me!

As Astrotwins say ”A situation you’ve been forcing or a pattern you’ve been clinging to does NOT belong in this brand-new calendar year, Leo. Maybe you’ve avoided feeling some pain or grief, and now it comes to you in a powerful dream or through a rush of unexpected emotions.”

“Perhaps you’ve just been handing your power to someone else, and you have a giant epiphany that it’s time to step up and own your Leo prowess.”

“If a certain situation hasn’t worked out as you hoped, you’ll be fueled with determination to start again.” Woo!

“Trying to make everyone happy is exhausting—and in most cases, an impossible mission. Later in the day, when la luna shifts into willful Leo, you’ll be done playing nice. Take a stand for what you believe in, don’t yield too much, and do your best to negotiate a win-win. People respond best when you’re powerful and direct.”

Here’s a nice ritual to do..

If there’s anyone who’s getting on your nerves or really upsetting you, ask them to forgive you for your bad feelings and send them love. Then recite the following:

‘Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace.’

‘I bring love and healing to all my thoughts, beliefs and relationships. I learn my lessons and move on. I call on my soul fragments to be cleansed by the Full Moon and I call on them to rejoin me. I send love to myself and everyone I know, and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time. Under this glorious Full Moon, I am healed. My life is healed. And so it is. So be it.”

Happy Full Moon!

Hopefully you get to release some stuff too! 🙂  Eclipses, especially lunar ones, give us a huge push to DO something…and not much time to think it over.

Picture: Rémy Mantione

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