Hi, I am a qualified Naturopath and I specialise in gut health, allergies, adrenals and women’s health.

Sick of feeling bloated? Want more energy? Dreading that ‘time of the month’? Reacting to anything you eat?

I can help you with a full naturopathic consultation, going through your health history, family history, blood tests, diet. I use herbs, supplements, diet & lifestyle to help you back to optimal health. I also use food compatibility testing, which you can read more about here.

Naturopathy has been so amazing on my healing journey. I used to work crazy hours in corporate but then party and exercise hard. It’s no wonder I suffered from anxiety and gut issues and bloating as I always pushing myself to achieve, do better and not giving myself any me time.

Using beautiful herbs, nutrients and minerals and learning more about which foods worked best for me and learning to listen to my body more through natural therapies and yoga I feel the best I have felt most of my life.

Need some help with your health?

I work from home in North Bondi and I also do skype consults worldwide.

Initial consultation takes up to 75-90 minutes is $145.
Follow ups from $60 – $125 going from 30 minutes to 1hr.

Contact me anytime for a chat. I am happy to try and help with any health issues and concerns, as well as helping to choose the right supplements and yummy herbs.

I am excited to now also complement my offering with Bodytalk & Reiki energy healing. I feel this has taken my practice to another level and it accelerates healing since we will also look at belief systems, physical energy blockages and allergies, toxins that affect optimum health.

I can’t wait to use it more and more.  Click here for more information.

Please send me an email or call me on 0406 948078 for more information or questions. To book a consult with me click here.





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