Private Yoga Coach One-on-One packages

Private Yoga Coach One-on-One packages

Are you stressed out? Do you feel stuck or guilty for doing something for yourself?

Do you want to have more vitality? Do you want to live life to your full potential?

I also offer private one-on-one yoga therapy coaching sessions.

I work with clients one on one to move through some old beliefs, helping to free up old stagnant energy to feel more self esteem and feel more vibrant and alive.

Often we feel out of balance from stress, poor diet, dehydration and negative or destructive thought patterns and I help to rebalance you physically, emotionally/ energetically and mentally using various tools.

I combine my wisdom from various modalities, including diet, nutrition, herbs as a naturopath, with my yoga therapy, meditation, breathing techniques and daily kriyas and rituals. I teach various types of yoga depending on the individual, helping with alignment and injuries and can also bring in ancient teaching where appropriate to live yoga on and off the mat, working with the mind and body simultaneously.

My yoga coaching can help you go deeper into your vision of your future and purpose in life.

I also incorporate my Ayurvedic wisdom, love of chakras and meridians, remedial massage and Bodytalk, helping the body to energetically re-harmonise.

Contact for more information on a 6 session package, including 6 face to face sessions, lots of additional content and support and video content.