September Women’s Health Special!

In honour of Women’s Health Week last week I wanted to offer you a few gifts to help you on your healing health journey.

  • A FREE Yoga Nidra meditation

I have recorded a FREE Yoga Nidra meditation to help to reduce stress and help insomnia.

Yoga Nidra means deep yogic sleep, a guided visualisation meditation to help you relax your physical body, deepen your breath and drop deeper into a more relaxed state where your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) kicks in.

Use it before bed or whenever you feel overwhelmed and have half hour to yourself to relax.


  • A FREE Bodytalk/ Reiki energy healing session when you book a Naturopath consult with me this September

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    Chrissie naturopath






I love holistic therapies and Naturopathy has helped me a lot in my own healing journey to help adrenal fatigue, Ross river viruses and glandular fever and general anxiety.

However, in combination with energy healing and kinesiology this just took healing to another level !

I am very grateful to add this to my toolbox now. I have always been sensitive to energies and vaccinations, food and anything really 🙂 and I really notice the effects when I put something in my body that doesn’t agree with me.

Bodytalk can help balance out anything that has affected your body’s chi and therefore energy creating illness and inflammation or pain in your body. Read here for more information.

Contact me for more information at or call me for a chat 0406 948 078