Hi, I’m Chrissie and I am a yoga teacher/coach, BodyTalk & Reiki energy healer and Naturopath.

My passion is helping others to regain balance in their life & health and educate on natural health tools to get that spring back in your step, feeling vibrant, happy and content.

Using yoga coaching, naturopathic diet, herbal medicine and energy balancing, I love to help people to better manage stress in these busy times and rebalance any gut, hormonal or adrenal imbalances.

I love to blend yoga & naturopathy together with my energy healing to get deeper and more holistic results. I also love to use Ayurvedic principles to integrate Eastern principles with the Western philosophies.

I am really passionate about all things outdoor, nature, yoga, camping, gazing at the stars, dancing, music, health & fitness, beautiful healthy food, good friends and family, sunshine, beach, sea..

I used to work in Advertising and really felt I was not living my true purpose, stuck in an office, dreaming of the ocean, outdoors and of more creative and inspiring outlets. I have always had an enthusiast interest in natural health and healing, reading nutrition magazines from a young age instead of celeb gossip mags!! And I love keeping active.

My yoga journey started back in London around the year 2000, and, after being made redundant from Advertising in 2009, I found the refuge of Byron Yoga as I was almost being deported, to commence my yoga teaching training. It was such a beautiful, humbling experience, opening myself up to my suffering and connecting with beautiful women.

I started teaching straight away, while juggling full time study as a Naturopath, a full time Manager’s role at a lovely wellness clinic, who kindly ended up sponsoring me to become a resident! Phew, what a relief, I can stay! I was also working at a health shop to gain more experience in the naturopathic field.. so yes, it was a busy time. But after crazy hours in advertising, I was finally passionate about what I was doing!

I did however suffer with adrenal fatigue before and around this period, and yoga and my naturopathic studies really helped me to heal.  I slowly started to peel away the layers and masks and felt ready to go deeper within and start to love myself more and stop pushing myself to extreme limits!

Yoga has truely helped me to become more present and less anxious and helped me learn to just ‘be’ rather than constantly having to be busy and active. This has been a fairly long journey! 🙂

Having learnt so much about good food and healthy living through study, others and through experience, I really love to share my tips and wisdom.

I have continued to train with the following inspiring teachers, including, Clive Sheridan, Seane Corne, Idit Hefer, Katie Manitsas & the Jivamukti method, Lara Baumann from Quantum Yoga & Ayurveda, and more recently, Mark Breadner from YogaCoach.

I offer yoga/meditation group classes, private yoga therapy coaching as well as yoga & nutrition workshops and private one-on-one Naturopathic consults, hoping to make the world a happier, healthier, nicer place to live in. 🙂

One thought on “About

  1. Flavia Evans says:

    Hi Chrissie,

    I’d like to get a voucher for a work Kris Kringle for one yoga class – is this possible to organise? Class at wylies baths preferably… I can meet you at wylies or if possible could I organise something online? I don’t want to book a class date in particular and the Wylies page isn’t geared for that. Pl let me know. Thanks!

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